My husband has returned to the catholic Church we both left years ago - Blog reader cries out

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A blog reader who wants to remain anonymous sent me this mail this morning and she really needs our advice.

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"Good morning bis sis. I have been a silent ardent follower of your blog and i love your work.
I need advice on this issue.
I got married in December last year and both my husband and myself attend Mfm. We were born Catholics and we've left the church for more than 10 years i.e before we even met.
My FIL kind of persuaded my husband to return to Catholic bcuz he's the first born and i wouldn't have married him if I met him as one.
I have decided not to follow him to the church but its causing issues between us. I don't have a problem with the church and I would have gladly accepted it if came from my husband's mind but my problem is the influence of my FIL (he's kind of controlling if u let him).
Should I confront him or lay low like a docile wife?"
April 21, 2017 at 02:00PM
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