Meet Sam Rogers, the Rams’ new TD-scoring fullback

The former walk-on is the highest-rated was the first fullback taken in this year's draft.

Sam Rogers became the first fullback picked in the 2017 NFL Draft, with the Los Angeles Rams drafting him in the sixth round. Rogers played four seasons for the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Fullbacks are mostly known as blockers, but in his college career, Rogers accounted for 692 yards rushing and another 802 yards receiving, along with 11 total touchdowns.

You see, Rogers doesn't just score touchdowns — he scores them in style. Most recently, in the Belk Bowl against the Arkansas Razorbacks, the 5'10, 230-pounder caught a one-handed touchdown pass like it was nothing.

He also had a beautiful wheel route touchdown reception against the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2015.

One of his more exciting scores wasn't caught in the end zone. He threw it. Rogers completed a 13-yard touchdown pass ... TO ANOTHER FULLBACK.

"That was pretty perfect," the receiving fullback, Steven Peoples, said via "Not many people can say they caught a touchdown pass from another fullback. It's insane. It doesn't seem real."

Rogers jokingly said that the Hokies' starting quarterback last season, Jerod Evans, may want to be looking over his shoulder.

"I don't want to get into a debate of whether I should be the starting quarterback, but I told Jerod to watch out," Rogers said. "My completion percentage is really good."

The former Hokie will be looking to make it in a league that doesn't use fullbacks like it used to.

But there are some lasting figures who represent the position well in the NFL today, such as Jamize Olawale, James Develin, John Kuhn, Patrick DiMarco, Mike Tolbert, Kyle Juszczyk, and Marcel Reece. What has helped some is their versatility, which Rogers says he has.

"There's times I've lined up as an H-back. There's times I've lined up in the slot. I've lined up out wide. I've lined up as the lone running back. I've lined up as the fullback," Rogers said via Greenville Online. "They have to put something down. I guess that's just the two letters they put there."

Even Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney, whose Clemson Tigers faced Rogers and the Hokies in the ACC Championship last December, explained how dynamic fullbacks can be nowadays.

"The days of just guys getting in the I-formation, and here's the fullback and they're going to run the power play and then run the toss 10 times, you don't see that as much," Swinney told Greenville Online. "There's still need for that for sure, but a lot of teams have gone to a little bit more of the hybrid tight end(,) guys that can do those same things but can also be on the line, are athletic enough to split out and create some matchups in the passing game."

Best of luck to Rogers with his NFL career.

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Browns drafted Caleb Brantley but assault charge may force team to cut him

General manager Sashi Brown said all the right things, but the Browns still drafted Brantley.

Caleb Brantley was selected by the Browns with the 185th pick in the 2017 draft, but his Cleveland tenure might be short-lived. General manager Sashi Brown said the Browns might be forced to cut him depending on the outcome of the pending misdemeanor assault charge against Brantley.

Brantley was initially projected to be drafted in the late first round or the second round. He fell all the way to the sixth after being charged for allegedly striking a woman in the face and causing a tooth injury on April 13. The woman needed a root canal following the incident.

Browns general manager Sashi Brown said that, while the team did choose to take a chance on Brantley, Cleveland may be forced to move on from him.

But the charge and the alleged circumstances surrounding it didn't keep the Browns from rolling the dice on the defensive tackle.

The police report said Brantley's "use of force was clearly out of retaliation and not self defense," and that Brantley's action "far exceeded what was reasonable or necessary" given the situation.

The Browns did have Brantley in for a visit, but that happened before April 13, when the alleged altercation occurred.

According to Cabot, one of Brantley's coaches at Florida didn't give him a glowing recommendation.

Brown said that the outcome of Brantley's criminal case may be something the team "can't get comfortable with," according to Cabot. But the Browns were obviously comfortable enough to take a chance on Brantley.

The allegations against him are ugly, and it doesn't matter if Brown says they are concerned. They weren't a big enough concern for Cleveland to pass on Brantley.

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100 level student of Unilag commits suicide after being disgraced by room mates (photos)

A 100level student of Employee Relations and Human Resource Management of the University of Lagos, decided to take her life after being disgraced by her room mates. The girl who has been identified as Ayibiri Ayomide, allegedly took sniper (insecticide) after her room mates disgraced her publicly after some missing items in their room, was found in her bag.

It was gathered that her mum, who is also a staff of Unilag had already settled the
debts from the theft before the girl's demise. Here's what Ajani Damilola who shared the story wrote;

"With a disheartening heart, we write to inform you of the Demise😭 of Ariyibi Ayomide, a Student of Unilag, From the faculty of business administration in department of Employee Relations and Human Resources Management (ER & HRM), 100 Level.

Full story: 
An incident happened in her room (Amina Hostel) which involved the missing of belongings (which includes make up and clothes) of another girl in d same room. On Thursday, some of the belongings of d fellow room mate was found in Ayomide's bag ( scattered in three different bags - make up in one of of her bag, clothes in another bag and clothes in another bag making 3 of Ayomide's bag).

As a result the roommates disgraced Ayo and called her many names( relating to a thief) and disgraced her publicly. Ayomide called her mum and her mum came down next day( Friday) to settle d issue. The make up was valued at #2000 in which Her mum paid. After that, her mum told her to pack her bags and follow her home which she did but as she was going d room mates shouted on her and called her so many names.

Her mum took her home and went back to work (her mum is a unilag staff). Ayomide was d only one left at home when she took sniper in the afternoon. Her mum came back in d evening and saw her child in a critical state. So she asked what happened to her; Ayomide just stretched her hand to do bottle of d sniper she took.

Immediately her mum gave her palm oil( epo in yoruba) but results were not forthcoming. So she rushed her to a medical centre at ebute metta, still results were not favourable, she was then taken to Luth ( Medilag). Ayo gave up in LUTH around after 7 yesterday.
That's d sad story

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April 29, 2017 at 09:53PM
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: Congress at 100 Days: Frenetic Action but Few Accomplishments

Congress at 100 Days: Frenetic Action but Few Accomplishments

Partisanship and a chaotic White House have combined to undermine the opportunity for Republicans to enact the legislation they have long desired.

Published in U.S. on April 28, 2017 at 01:00AM
Read more on The New York Times
The New York Times

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Bulls' Bobby Portis actually played better after burning his foot with a heating pad

This is actually fine.

Odd and unusual injuries suffered by pro athletes are typically reserved for baseball players, like Madison Bumgarner, but today, we learned about Bobby Portis' injury that is an early favorite for weirdest sports injury of 2017.

We have no idea how headphones have anything to do with feeling your foot burning. This is like the meme having to turn down your radio so you can read street signs. What does one have to do with the other?

Only logical conclusion is that Portis is really, really focused when he has his headphones on. If that's the case, Bobby Portis is the new defiinition of "in the zone."

Portis never missed a game after receiving the injury. Here's what he told CBS Chicago about the injury on Saturday.

"No one ever really knew about it, but it affected me a little bit," he said. "Every time I bent my foot, it hurt. I never really complained. I'm one of those guys, I think I'm tough. I don't really try to tell anybody about it. I just hold it in for myself. Other than that, it affected me. At the same time, I fought through it because, you know, I got in the rotation. I didn't want to let a foot injury get me out and have to work my way back into it."

That's pretty wild. And maybe the most absurd part is how he performed receiving the burns and after.

That's right. Bobby Portis performed better in every major statistical category after receiving 3rd-degree burns on his foot.

This man is not human.

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Beautiful Nigerian lawyer marries her Soldier bae after many years of dating (photos)

Beautiful Nigerian lawyer, Jane Edache Ameh tied the nupital knots today with her fiance who who is a soldier after dating for so many years.

Friends, family members and loved ones were present to witness the
marriage ceremony, that had the bride and the groom smiling at each turn.

More photos after the cut;


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Mike Tomlin tells 2 Steelers receivers sniping at each other on Twitter to ‘play nice’

These exchanges are rarely this public, but here we are.

The Steelers drafted a receiver in the second round of the NFL draft on Friday: USC star JuJu Smith-Schuster. Because teams draft prospects with their current rosters in mind, this set off some speculation about a few Steeler wideouts.

A fan tweeted to Martavis Bryant, a fourth-year receiver whom the NFL just conditionally reinstated after a season-long drug suspension. His message was something to the effect of, "You're being replaced."

Bryant responded in a tweet that's since been deleted:

lol that's Sammie coates replacement not minds take it how you want to I am back.

A bit later, he added:

It's a business so I treat it like that.

Coates, a third-year receiver out of Auburn, responded to Bryant:


Steelers coach Mike Tomlin stepped away from his draft work to moderate the discussion between his two young, combative receivers.

To which Coates responded:

Tomlin followed up in an interview on the NFL Network on Saturday.

"I'm no different than the guys," he told Rich Eisen. "I didn't feel the need to step in. It was just a little fun. You guys can read into it however you want. We've got a competitive group. We're very transparent in our competitive atmosphere."

The football season is still many months away, and we don't know whether Coates, Bryant, or neither is correct. Bryant's reinstatement to the NFL still depends on him clearing several hurdles this offseason. While Bryant was suspended last season, Coates played poorly, dropping bushels of passes from Ben Roethlisberger. Both are talented deep threats, but they've both struggled, somehow or another.

The Steelers have a crowded receiver group. Antonio Brown's the obvious No. 1, with Smith-Schuster and Eli Rogers locks to make the roster out of training camp. That leaves only two or three spots for Coates, Bryant, and a few other targets who kicked around the roster last year. The NFL's a tricky business sometimes.

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Mr. Irrelevant: Complete list of NFL draft's last man picked

The NFL has had a Mr. Irrelevant since 1976. Here are all the "winners."

No late-round pick is as celebrated as the very last pick of the draft, Mr. Irrelevant, at least on the day of the draft.

It's rare the Mr. Irrelevant actually makes an impact in the NFL. It's only slightly less rare that the player will be on the active roster by the time the season starts anyway. But anyone that gets a special bag of swag is deserving of a little attention.

Out of all the last players picked, Titans kicker Ryan Succop is probably the one you're the most familiar with. Taken with the 256th pick by the Chiefs in 2009, he went on tie the record for the highest field goal success rate of any rookie kicker. Hey, that's not bad!

If you're really into the whole last player picked thing — never know when it's going to come up in a trivia game — we've got a complete history of the Mr. Irrelevant experience, the backstory, the weird rule about the pick and more.

And here's a list of the past Mr. Irrelevant picks.

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Photos and videos from Uriel's homecoming

Today, Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate Uriel visited her hometown Oguta, for the first time. Uriel visited her hometown alongside other ex-housemates which includes Kemen, Gifty, Thin Tall Tony and Cocoice.

There were so many people present to welcome the housemates who also
visited the King of Oguta Kingdom. More photos and videos after the cut;

A post shared by Uriel Ngozi Oputa (@urielmusicstar) on

A post shared by Uriel Ngozi Oputa (@urielmusicstar) on
April 29, 2017 at 09:29PM
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